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Col. Buck S. Scaremonger (“BS”), U.S. Army (Ret.)
National Security Advisor

A native of Roadkill, TX, Colonel Scaremonger has specialized in biological weapons for his entire career.  After graduating 355th out of 356 at the United States Military Academy, from 1967 through 1999 BS served as US Army attaché at a Distant Early Warning Station on the Greenland Icecap, where he constructed a scale model - made entirely from the heads of pins that he bit off with his own teeth - depicting a squadron of spray tank equipped F-4E’s laying down a line of tularemia on Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia.

In 1999, BS was recalled to the United States and charged with pathogen security at the US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID) at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, where he developed and implemented its anthrax security program and provided biosecurity advice to other federal agencies. In 2004 he was promoted to Colonel and awarded the Order of the Spore by NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, HHS’s highest honor. In July 2008, BS retired from the US Army and joined the Texas Biodefense Alliance as its National Security Advisor.

Buck holds a PhD (Magna Cum Laude) in Securitology from the Post Cereal Mail Order School of the George Mason University.

Dr. I. N. Stable, PhD
Scientific Director

Dr. I. N. Stable began his career as a military man. Finding that, regrettably, the Vietnam War was winding down, from 1973 through 1980, Dr. Stable served in Rhodesia’s Selous Scouts. After the fall of White Rhodesia, he received his scientific and practical training in bioweapons with the sponsorship of a paramilitary organization dedicated to doing whatever it took to enforce the then status quo in South Africa.

The early 1990s saw Dr. Stable return to the United States, where he resided at the Bellevue Hospital Center in New York for several years.

With an exciting resumé of biological-military activities in the service of pariah racist regimes, the US biodefense program was a natural place for Dr. Stable in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Stable thrived on bioterrorism experiments, serving with increasing responsibility in a variety of undisclosed threat creation programs funded by the Department of Defense and the “intelligence community”.

An expert in aerobiology and agent weaponization, Dr. Stable has served as Scientific Director of the Texas Biodefense Alliance since 2008.

Dr. Stable is an amateur historian of sororities. His hobbies include poetry, driving, juggling, and volunteering for the Red Cross.

Ms. Wilfrida Lowman
Corporate Liaison

Ms. Lowman has worked in the biotechnology sector since the birth of recombinant DNA in the 1970s. Starting at GeneCorp (failed 1982),  Lowman then moved to food services at RecombiAgro (delisted 1987, lost stockholders $237 million).  Breaking into management, Ms. Lowman took control of human resources at MegaDNA in 1991, where she oversaw layoffs culminating in liquidation in early 1994. 

Moving to Texas, Ms. Lowman was appointed CFO of Dallas DNAtron in 1995. Following Dallas DNAtron’s takeover by General Electric (spun off at a loss in 1996), Lowman co-founded West Texas Genetically Engineered Fish Company (TX GEFCO), a short-lived pet provider whose assets were acquired (for $1) by MegaPet in 1998.

After a sojourn as a motivational speaker, in 2001, Ms. Lowman plunged into biodefense, instantly raising over $350 million in unrestricted capital (all from government grants) for a series of urgent National Security projects at Texas institutions that even she has forgotten the details of, and which never had a prayer of working anyway. In 2008, she joined the Texas Biodefense Alliance.

Speaking in an e-mail because she can hardly speak, Lowman attributes her youthful appearance to daily botulinum toxin injections, an agent to which she has unrestricted access thanks to the Texas Biodefense Alliance. Looking young is just another reason, says Lowman, why Texas women should fight for bioterror labs.